Online Casino Bonuses: What You Need to Know to Walk Away a Winner

It is no mistake that online casinos have enjoyed a great deal of popularity over the years. Thanks to the presence of high-speed Internet and mobile-friendly websites, more players are enjoying these portals than ever before. A wealth of games are available at the click of a button and there is always the possibility to walk away a winner. Still, another concept to keep in mind is the modern casino bonus. How does this system work, what are some of the primary advantages and which types are generally made available to the player? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the answers to these important questions.

The Concept of the Bonus: Defining the Best Casino Offers

Bonuses are normally available in a number of different forms and yet, their ultimate purpose is actually quite simple. They are intended to provide the player with a more interactive gaming experience. It also needs to be mentioned that these are excellent marketing tools, for new fans are much more likely to be attracted to an online casino which provides additional amenities besides gameplay alone. This is the reason why search terms such as “best casino bonus” are often utilised to encounter the most attractive deals on the Internet. Now that we have a basic understanding of how bonuses function, we will examine some common examples as well as the benefits associated with each.

Welcome and Sign-up Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are one-time offers when a player first joins an online casino. These can be in the form of cash, free spins, rewards points or a combination of all three. In the majority of cases, a welcome bonus will have to be used within a specific period of time before it expires. It is also common to release the bonuses in several steps, one when you complete the registration process (a sign-up bonus), and one or more matched deposit bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

This is one very common casino bonus. As the name already hints, the primary purpose behind this strategy is to provide the player with more funds than he or she initially deposits. Matched bonuses are normally offered during the registration process and they are available only for new players. The online casino will generally match a deposit up to a certain amount. For example, a player who deposits £100 pounds will be provided with a matched bonus of an additional £100 pounds. These funds can then be immediately used towards playing a variety of games.

Partially Matched Deposit Bonuses

This is simply a variant of the previously mentioned matched bonus. Partial rewards will provide the player with a certain amount of funds based off of a set proportion of their deposit amount. Let us imagine that a specific online casino offers a partial sign-up bonus of 40 per cent for deposits up to £2,000 pounds. In this instance, an additional £800 pounds will be supplied. The player will therefore have no less than £2,800 pounds in his or her account that can immediately be accessed.

Casino Cash-Back Offers

Cash-back offers are another extremely popular form of casino bonus. This could be presented in a number of different ways. For example, the player can be provided with a certain amount of cash back for remaining loyal for a long period of time. Or, a casino could offer cash back in the event that a player loses at a specific game. This is normally associated with how much money is deposited or wagered and naturally, these levels will vary between different portals.

Free Plays

The most pronounced advantage of a free play, or free spins when connected to slot games, is that the player will not have to wager his or her funds in order to enjoy the possibility of accruing a substantial financial reward. Free plays can be present for a number of reasons. They might be provided alongside a matched sign-up bonus. There are also times when they will automatically appear after a certain number of deposits. Free plays may be one type of reward after winning a specific game (such as blackjack or roulette). These are also rewarded to VIP players from time to time as an additional form of compensation.

Increased Rewards Programmes

Some consider this next category to be the best casino bonus offer, as it can take on a number of different forms. From a general point of view, rewards programmes are considered to be package deals. They can include free withdrawals, lower commission rates or free plays (as described in the last paragraph). These systems are also sometimes referred to as “loyalty programmes” and yet, their ultimate intention is the same.

Points Towards Gameplay

Virtual points are yet another type of bonus. As opposed to offering cash or free plays, points will be provided that accrue over time. When the player reaches a specific threshold, he or she can use these points towards a real-time game such as poker or bingo. As they are cumulative in nature, points will often be saved in order to enjoy more substantial rewards. These can also be present in demonstration accounts in order to entice the player to purchase a paid membership package in the future.

“Reload” Bonuses

This is another term for a bonus provided when the player deposits an additional amount of money into his or her casino account. Reload bonuses can come in a variety of forms. The most tangible is simply cash that can be used towards a specific game. However, reward points and free plays are other varieties. The main takeaway point here is that this type of bonus is generally only awarded after a deposit takes place.

These are some of the best casino bonuses and offers on the market today. Of course, each portal may put its own unique “spin” on such rewards. The main point to realise is that the ability to enjoy these bonuses will enable the player to have even more fun. The online casino industry is quite competitive and therefore, we should expect to witness even more unique programmes in the future.