Playtech: Pioneers of the UK Online Casino Market

The online casino industry has evolved at an increasingly frenetic pace during the past few years and with so many firms currently on the market, it is often difficult to recognise the true pioneers of the sector as a whole. When software seems to renew itself on a monthly basis, how are we to appreciate the truly innovative roots associated with online gaming? It is a good idea to look at what can only be called one of the digital cornerstones of modern online casinos.

A Quick Look at Playtech

Playtech history can be traced back to the heady days of the Internet. Originally founded as far back as 1999, it was one of the first portals to offer players a number of unique games and registration options. Having enjoyed what can only be called a rather singular presence within a virgin marketplace, it did not take long for traditional casino fans to begin to appreciate Playtech games and other forms of entertainment. As a direct illustration of the success enjoyed by this firm, Playtech is presently listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PTEC.

Playtech Casino Software

Another reason why this company caught on so quickly during the days of dial-up Internet is that they employed cutting-edge software programs. They were one of the first developers to offer cross-platform access to all of their most popular games. This is known as their unified information management system (IMS). In other words, a user could access any game regardless of the device employed. They would not require separate accounts and as a result, the entire experience was dramatically streamlined. This very same concept continues into the present day.

This proprietary software has become even more streamlined since 1999 and it is now able to accommodate 4G connections as well as mobile phones with differing operating systems (both Android and iOS). It seems that the developers recognised that one of the ingredients to their ultimate success was providing a device-agnostic gaming experience. We should not be surprised that many other casinos soon followed this example. This is also the reason why Playtech is still considered to be one of the best online casinos in existence.

Playtech Games at a Glance

Playtech has been in existence for no fewer than 18 years and as a result, they offer a wide array of gaming solutions. Some of these include:

  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Online lotteries
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

Playtech slots have also enjoyed a solid reputation as offering some of the most entertaining and innovative platforms in existence today. The developers at this massive firm have constantly attempted to reinvent their approaches based upon the latest available technologies. While the early years consisted of rather “bare bones” offerings, modern times have ushered in the era of 3D slots, hidden levels, interactive characters and enticing jackpots. Any fan of this genre will certainly be impressed with what Playtech slots have in store.

Playtech Casino: Built for Modern Needs

Whether referring to their online bingo or their sportsbook options, it is undeniable that Playtech is still at the very top of their game. One great exmaple of this can be seen in a programme known as the Playtech EdGE.

Playtech EdGE is essentially a system that can be integrated into nearly any network imaginable. Players can access their accounts via a cloud-based platform, a downloadable program or a system intended to be used with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Playtech currently supplies this bundle to 25 third-party providers although this number is likely to grow into the foreseeable future. This is then augmented with the availability of over 500 games (at the time that this article was written). So, there is no doubt that Playtech casinos are here to stay.

What is the Future for Playtech Casino Software?

The future of many online organisations is often based off of their past performance. If we accept this approach, we can only assume that Playtech games will offer even higher levels of entertainment as the years progress. We also need to take into account the ability to easily integrate this software into nearly any operating system. This universal adaptability should continue to provide benefits to vendors and players alike.

Although some novices may not be aware of Playtech, this firm has had an indelible impact upon the world of online casinos and this reputation is certainly deserved.

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