Have UK Gambling Sites Taken Casino Bonuses Too Far?

The online casino has grown in popularity, and it continues to grow. The industry is now gaining more customers every day. The competition is also on the rise creating harmful gambling habits. Their new ways of attracting clients are very addictive. For example, there are welcome bonuses to weekend bonuses, and VIP bonus rewards, hence every gambler wants the best of the bonus rewards. Most of the UK online casinos, as can be seen at TopCasinoSites for instance, have embraced high bonuses to attract more customers to their sites. The following are ways in which Casino bonuses have encouraged unhealthy habits.

1. Welcome bonuses – encourages hefty deposits

Many online casino bonuses are offered to new customers, and they are mostly deposit bonuses. This is how it works;- the casino matches the amount you put in for you to play. For example, if you deposit £10 which is the least amount you can deposit, you are awarded £20 which is the amount you use to play with. However, you will find out that the bonuses differ due to the percentage offered on the first three deposits. Additionally, many of these deposits come with free spins for you to enjoy the games in the online site.

2. Wagering requirements – locks in your funds

There are some terms and conditions put in place by different online casinos, and this can greatly change the amount of money the casino is offering. This all depends on the wagering requirements, for example, if you deposit £100, you get a bonus of £100, hence you now have £200 to play with. If you play on a slot machine and win £20, you can’t take out that cash. You can’t take out any amount without playing through the requirements. A normal wagering requirement is usually 35 times meaning you have to play 35 times with your bonus money before withdrawing the cash.

Some casinos apply the wagering requirements to both the bonus and the deposit. Hence, you will be required to spend more money on the online site before you are allowed to withdraw any winning. However, some casinos favour their customers and only apply the wagering requirement to their bonus. Therefore, if you play a lot, having a high wagering requirement will not bother you, but if you are an occasional player, the requirements can make a big difference. Therefore this encourages many players to be regular gamblers to avoid the requirements.

3. Promo bonuses – draws you in when least expected

Some casinos offer promo bonuses that keep their customers interested which encourages gambling. Some of the best sites offer regular promo bonuses from daily to weekly. Also, there are some special occasion’s bonuses like Christmas, valentines, Easters and Halloween bonus to keep you as the customer attracted. Some of the UK online casinos have new release bonus battles to keep players engrossed in gambling games. This aims at getting players to try out new versions of some of the popular slots. Moreover, they give the players the option of choosing whether to play the new or the traditional versions of the games.

4. Loyalty and VIP bonus – encourages you to play more

This bonus aims at keeping the customers longer on the site by offering them higher levels of ranking and a special bonus. This motivates the player to bet more and participate in all the games to be a VIP. When you are a VIP, there are some benefits you will receive like free spins and other rewards. Moreover, some of the bonuses are not advertised, and they are strictly given individually to VIP players.

5. Free spins bonuses – not really free

Most of the free spins are given not only as welcome bonuses but also as part of a promotion to keep the customers on the casino site. Although most UK online casinos offer free spins, you can’t use the spins for every game on the betting site. The free spins are a great way of learning new games and encourage people to stay on the site and enjoy the games offered. The winnings are unfortunately often bound by a wagerings requirement, and will force you to continue playing if you ever want to see any of those winnings on your bank account.


Online casino bonuses and promotions encourage you to join their sites and be glued to gambling. This is good for their business, but it will lead many people to be addicted to gambling. Being aware of the pitfalls when it comes to casino bonuses will make your experience much more fun, and hopefully also keep you from forming unhealthy gambling habits.

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